How to care for our health

Healthy Food Clean Eating meals part3


Block 4: The Clean Eating Snack

One meal a day is for me a snack. The snack I choose mostly in the afternoon. A snack can turn me also very different:

-a handful of nuts: almonds, cashews, Nutmix, sunflower seeds, etc.

-a bolt from getrockeneten fruits and nuts: either homemade or purchased, for example, Dr. Ritter

-a little plain yogurt with fresh fruit

-fresh fruit such as Apple, pear, banana etc.

-fresh vegetables such as sliced ​​peppers, small carrots, etc.

-rice cakes with natural nut butter (unsweetened and unsalted)

-a slice of black bread with whole wheat vegetable spreads and salad leaf

-dogwood star

Block 5: The clean main course

For my dinner, I usually introduce myself actually once again to the stove. But especially during the week after work, I just conjure me quick meals, often without a prescription. At the weekend I eat sometimes for lunch my main dish and a salad in the evening only. Basically a fast, clean main course ideas in question:

-Fried vegetables with tofu

-With feta cheese au gratin vegetable casserole

-Homemade pureed vegetable soup

-Pasta with vegetables and pesto

-Lentils with vegetables

-Vegetable Quiche

-fried piece of fish with vegetables

-Vegetables with a protein source is always a good idea and does not need much preparation. Simply refrigerator, look what is still there, snip, sear, season and finished. In additional carbohydrate sources I do without most evenings throughout. From time to time there are also times delicious pasta or a slice of quiche.


These are my 5 Clean Eating meals of the day. So I feel completely full and happy. The recipes that I present on my blog, can be usually sort in these 5 categories: cereal, smoothie, salad, snack or main dish. Maybe you can still find the one or the other inspiration for your clean meals.

Healthy eating day

Today, the 16th and Day instead of the healthy diet. Healthy eating is very important as proper nutrition not only affects our appearance, but also to our well- being and performance. Sufficient Carbohydrates are used as the brain to bring full power. Carbohydrates are converted in the body to sugar units, which then supply the brain and other body cells with energy. But one should also pay attention to which carbohydrates you ingest. Whole grains and cereals example, are much healthier than white bread or cereal. Fats and sugar should be eaten also in not too large quantities. But a complete waiver is not necessary. Smaller treats are certainly permitted. A nice overview of the proper amounts of fruits, vegetables, but also smaller sins, offers the food pyramid on the cooking magic page.

Healthy Diet for Children

Especially children should learn early on what foods are healthy and which should be eaten rather in slightly lower volumes. Because children are still growing, it is for example very important that they consume enough protein and calcium to himself. Calcium is important for bone and for solid and healthy teeth. Proteins are required, for example for building muscle, but also a basic substance of our cells. Both calcium and protein is abundant in dairy products. Children should therefore be at least three dairy products a day eat to take enough protein and calcium to himself. This can be a yogurt, milk in cereal or a slice of cheese on the bread. In the Little Heroes chef magic boxes our nutritionist Beke ensures that a dairy product is used in every meal. Often in school lurk many unhealthy sins that buy the children only too happy. The Association of Nutrition and Dietetics Association is made up as part of the day of healthy eating very to ensure that healthier meals offered in schools.